Overview of the Xaindex platform: marketing, opportunities and risks

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Hi everyone, in this review we will look at marketing, opportunities and risks of the new project Xaindex. This is a cryptocurrency platform with an open team and a lot of perks.

So, let's go!

About the project

According to the legend, Xaindex is a high-tech crypto platform, which is developed by specialists with more than 7 years of practical experience in applying various neural networks and artificial intelligence models in the field of investments and traditional business processes.

  • Official website — xaindex.ai
  • Chat — t.me/xaindexIta

Xaindex project is engaged in investing in research and development of new technologies and innovations.

The team is successfully growing according to its roadmap and plans to build a close-knit community of over half a million members in the future, and achieve an ecosystem capitalization of 1 billion SUT by 2025.

Xaindex is Australian registered, operates under international legal standards and is regulated by the Australian Securities Commission.

The company has an office in Sydney, with another office preparing to open in Panama.


The team, as I said, is fully public:

  • CEO, Alex Moore is an investor, entrepreneur and business strategist of various crypto projects with over 10 years of experience leading various businesses and startups in Europe, the Middle East, the US, Asia and other regions.

  • Chief Operating Officer, John Hart — an expert with over 15 years of experience managing operational challenges in regulated markets, finance, blockchain and Web 3.0 projects.
  • Chief Communications Officer, Sergio Askovich — has 8 years of experience building models for business owners to engage with audiences. He has worked in a variety of industries from technology and finance to e-commerce.

The project has its own Telegram channel, Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, as well as 5 email addresses for different thematic issues.

Where the profit comes from

At the moment, several areas of Xaindex's business can be distinguished:

  • Development and use of digital asset management systems.
  • Investments, trading and other financial activities.
  • Development and use of artificial intelligence and neural networks, as well as applications based on them. Among the project partners there are representatives of large DEX and CEX, together with whom Xaindex plans to launch projects based on neural networks and artificial intelligence with IEO, ICO, IDO.
  • Development of objects and integration of interfaces into Metaviews.
  • Development and application of automated crypto-market analytics systems, as well as data collection and analysis systems.
  • Development and application of payment solutions.Together with partners, the project is now developing a crypto-processing solution that will allow users to apply MasterCard and Visa cryptocurrencies without KYC.

The liquidity of the platform is distributed in several ways to achieve an optimal risk/reward ratio:

  • 10% is invested in early stage projects;
  • 15% is invested in the commercial development and sale of applications and software;
  • 20% is used to provide liquidity to crypto exchanges in different countries;
  • 25% goes to international arbitrage of cryptocurrencies and fiat;
  • 30% is invested in trading using AI and neural networks.

Proprietary SUT token

The Xaindex platform team has developed its own Synthetic Utility Token (SUT). It is a new type of algorithmic stablecoin that can be used to conduct any financial transactions within the ecosystem at high speed.

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The system of algorithms together with artificial intelligence ensures the financial stability of user liquidity pools and the SUT/USDT exchange rate.

Basic information on the token:

  • Exchange rate: 1 SUT = 1 USDT
  • Minimum amount to buy or sell — 10 SUT
  • Maximum amount to buy or sell — 100K SUT.
  • Commission for buying — 0 %
  • Commission for sale — 2%
  • Unlimited emission
  • Automatic burning is enabled
  • Token liquidity is managed by synthetic intelligence
  • There are many mechanisms and systems to stabilize the exchange rate, which take into account the main indicators of liquidity distribution and the work of algorithms

Platform Products

Xaindex offers 3 levels of immersion (product):

  • Knowledge Gain.
  • Increasing income.
  • Expanding connections.

I'll tell you about each in more detail.

Level 1

The first level has several areas of focus:

  • Synthetic technologies — development of synthetic intelligence integrated into various project activities — in liquidity management, in business processes, etc.
  • Neural networks, neural modeling.
  • Cryptoindexes.
  • Metaviews.

Level 2

Platform users can become liquidity providers for Xaindex by activating liquidity pools and receive daily rewards of up to 1.5% of the total token amount deposited in liquidity pools.

The reward rate is floating and depends on the profitability of the project. Any pool is automatically deactivated after the user receives 250% of the total amount of SUTs deposited in the pool.

Liquidity pools have different grades based on value (you can change them at any time):

  • Grade A — 100 SUTs
  • Grade B — 500 SUTs
  • Grade C — 1K SUT
  • Grade D — 3K SUT
  • Grade E — 10K SUT
  • Grade F — 25K SUT
  • Grade G — 50K SUT
  • Grade H — 100K SUT

In addition, each user can use a multifunctional wallet, which supports the following functions:

  • USDT deposit and withdrawal (TRC 20)
  • USDT and SUT exchange transactions
  • internal SUT transfers

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is represented by five types of bonuses:

Promo Bonus, where you can get up to 10,000 SUT for activating pools on the first line within the first 2 weeks of registration.

1 line (SUT)

Promo bonus (SUT)









Linear and binary bonuses.

A one-time linear bonus is paid for each SUT deposit to liquidity pools made via an affiliate link.

Linear Bonus:


1 line

2 line

3 line

4 line

А, B

5 %

2 %

C, D

6 %

3 %

E, F

7 %

3 %

1 %

G, H

8 %

4 %

2 %

1 %

Binary Bonus:




8 %


9 %


9 %


10 %


10 %


11 %


11 %


12 %

Rank Increase.

This system allows partners to improve their expansion bonus conditions. For achieving each rank a bonus from 100 to 1 million SUT is awarded.

The value of the bonus will depend on the grade, line and volume in the branch.

Network Expansion.

Affiliates can receive an expansion bonus from the binary bonuses that attracted users receive (3-10 line levels deep).

Starting from rank 6, a marketing incentive program is activated: 10% of all bonuses (except rank bonuses) are credited to the marketing balance, which can be spent on placing ads, articles, buying traffic, as well as on opening your own office — real or virtual in cyberspace.

Immersion Level 3

It involves a lot of different perks. For example, joint travel — tours and expeditions to different countries, regular informational webinars, business events to strengthen the corporate spirit of top managers and partners, conferences and meetings, both online and offline.

A big launch in Rio de Janeiro is planned for September.

Frankly speaking, it is very difficult to fit all the chips, advantages and plans of this crypto platform within one article.

To give you a more detailed look at all the conditions, get acquainted with the team and find out what plans for the future the Xaindex project has, I will leave a link to my chat on the project, in the back of which you can find a full PDF presentation.

This material is for informational purposes only. Everyone makes his own decision. Such Internet projects are nothing but HYIPs, with all the resulting opportunities, consequences and risks.

In order to stay up to date with all the news, be sure to subscribe to the blog updates. I will share the latest and most valuable information.

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